VPM are committed to serve both the interests of individual clients and the interests of the wider community. A high degree of professionalism is emphasized which includes dedication to quality, sensitivity towards the needs of communities and the environment.

VPM believes in an innovative approach to development planning and management, whereby design, rezoning, subdivision and environmental authorization are effectively integrated and coordinated.

Our goal is to make a positive contribution towards sustainable development by designing attractive, liveable and enabling environments. We strive for developments where the natural and built environment and all socio-economic aspects are in harmony.


VPM makes extensive use of the latest AllyCad & Auto Cad software as well as ARC GIS, which incorporates a GIS system. We compiled a comprehensive data base on Arc View. This data base is constantly updated and improved, assuring the quick access to reliable spatial information. Specialist products include graphics generated via Corel Draw and sophisticated spreadsheets. We have 12 CAD workstations and a network linked to the necessary printers, plotters and scanners. All VPM's spatial data is regularly updated with the latest information from the Surveyor General. This technology is an essential part of the operation of VPM.


VPM carries Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of R5 000 000.00, with the option to increase this at any stage should it be required by the client or due to the nature and size of a particular project.

Since the establishment of VPM, we have never needed to use our Professional Indemnity Insurance.


VPM is a level four B-BBEE Contributor

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