3D Scanning


Urban Planning
The ability to accurately capture the past and visualize the future is now critical for projects such as urban redevelopment, large construction, and historic reconstruction. With these new and powerful tools at the ready, decision makers can quickly and easily see the impact of proposed changes from any viewpoint.
Urban Planning
Disaster Prevention Accurately Model Floodwater Behavior
With accurate 3D measurement of a flood plane and the structures within it, the behavior of floodwater can be predicted with precision for improved data and response planning. The fusing of terrestrial positioning measurements with airborne data makes comparisons between pre- and post- flooding areas accurate and simple to assess. This information is also invaluable for the insurance and real estate industries.
Disaster Prevention  Accurately Model Floodwater Behavior
Geospatial information is now vital in utility and industrial applications. Combining airborne and accurate terrestrial data with Trimble's Spatial Imaging solutions enable pipeline managers to identify geohazards and High Consequence Areas (HCA) that could endanger an oil or gas pipeline. These environment assessments are not only required for construction approvals, pipe replacement and pre-construction engineering; they are also ideal for assessing shifting and movement of a pipeline over time.
Deformation surveys and analysis
Evaluations of Tower deformation as well as clash detection of high energy masts.
Evaluations of quarry spoil areas and stock piles.
High Energy Areas
Surveys of electrical sub-station sites and busy road intersections.


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