3D Scanning


Capable of photo-realistic resolution, the Trimble GX 3D Scanner delivers the ultimate in Spatial Imaging detail. Data can be captured at the sub-centimeter level, giving you clear visibility into every nuance of a scene. Unsurpassed in applications such as monitoring the evolution of a work site, as-built diagnostics, historic restorations, and crime scene forensics, the Trimble GX provides the highest resolution of any scanner on the market today.
  • Onboard video provides a full panorama of the scene for comparison with the scan itself.
  • Real-time true color provides realism and accuracy.
  • OverscanTM technology boosts data acquisition range up to 350 m when range is a priority.
  • Millions of points can be measured at high resolution and unequalled speed. Or use SureScanTM patented technology to collect only the points you need.

Trimble GX 3D Scanner  Trimble GX 3D Scanner  Trimble GX 3D Scanner

Built for Speed and Accuracy

The Trimble GX 3D Scanner provides visual precision in diverse applications such as civil infrastructure, architectural restoration, urban topography, tunneling, quarrying and forensics. The Trimble GX is the high-performance choice for any situation where large amounts of detailed data are required in a short amount of time.


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