3D Scanning

The Trimble GX 3D Scanner is an advanced surveying and spatial imaging sensor that uses high speed laser and video to capture coordinates and image data.
  • Capture
    Trimble’s Spatial Imaging sensors, the Trimble GX™ 3D Scanner use 3D scanning and traditional surveying techniques to capture accurate positioning data. The resulting datasets capture a target’s shape, size and position with survey-grade precision ... read more

  • Extract and Analyse
    Taking advantage of the detailed data provided by Trimble Spatial Imaging sensors, Trimble RealWorks SurveyTM software provides the tools needed to identify the features captured and understand how these features relate in the scene ... read more

  • Applications
    Urban planning, disaster prevention, utilities, deformations, volumes and high energy areas ... read more

  • Download the Trimble GX 3D Scanner datasheet
  • Download the Trimble FX 3D Scanner factsheet

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